Abhai Singh

Abhai Singh & his Tea Journey: 48 years in the Indian Tea Industry, Shri Abhai Kr Singh is a pioneer in the realm of producing and manufacturing Teas not only in Darjeeling & Dooars but now in Kangra too. His ability to taste teas and be referred to as one of the best Tea tasters in the country makes him stand apart from his other counterparts. In the years that he has worked with the Tea industry, in specification to the time in the Darjeeling Hills, Mr. Abhai Kr Singh, changed the way Darjeeling made tea. Formally making dark liquor teas, today more than 70% of Darjeeling exported to Europe and Japan, manufactures teas in Mr. Abhai Singh style, which is light liquor, and where the attention is towards Aroma and taste. The birth of the consultancy firm was the new page in his life after his 30 years of working with various tea estates. Some of the companies who benefitted from his expertise are Phugri Tea Estate, Orange Valley Tea Estate, Rishihat Tea Estate, Singtom Tea Estate, Gayabari tea Estate, Sungma Tea Estate, Puttabong Tea Estate, Singtom & Steenthal Tea Estate. After consulting for 18 companies to develop their tea brands and product, today he along with being a part of Manjhee Valley Tea, ( the single estate that is Anandini Himalaya Tea’s sister concern), shares his expertise and guides Anandini Himalaya Tea.

In his words.”I joined tea at the age of 25 years, and my first job was in a company by thename of Mcleod & Company, in a tea garden named Margaret’s Hope, located in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. I joined the garden as a trainee (apprentice). It was working in this garden in-between 1968 and 1979 that I learned the basics about tea, which I consider the backbone to the knowledge I have today. During my tenure I had the opportunity to be one of the first persons to convert an estate in an Organic Estate in the Darjeeling Hills. I also looked after the 3rd largest tea Estate in India. These years gave me a number of experiences. One of the most important experiences was the ability to experiment with the production of tea. With the joint effort of my friend, Dr. I.D.Singh, it was possible to experiment with a number of hybrid tea plants, which lead us to understand which variety was best suited for what type of tea, and region.”