Kunal Singh

Mr. Kunal Singh was born and brought up in the Tea world. When one grows up in a tea estate, the essence of tea gets imbibed into every part of ones character.

Besides his love for cigars and fine whisky, he has an in depth knowledge about the two leaf and a bud with which he has grown up with. He travelled all across to learn about Tea Culture of the World, to come back to his roots in India and . initiate the return of the Kangra Tea in the world tea market after 70 years of dormancy. He re invented the tea estates in Himachal Pradesh to produce exquisite teas today available in all the major tea drinking countries the world over.

The person behind Manjhee Valley estate and its teas, he has a deep understanding and bonding towards tea in Agriculture and Social scenarios. Today, understanding the change Anandini Himalaya Tea is ushering into the Indian Tea Market, he is an active part of the company helping it grow towards its aim of making Anandini every ones cup of Tea.