Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea


Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea is one of our caffeine free blended Herbal Teas.

Burn the calories is all about awakening the body to help it actively burn calories, and it is all because of the following ingredients:


Tasting Notes:

  • Taste ~ Spicy sweet with a floral undertone
  • Smell ~ Spicy with citrus overtone.
  • Cup ~  Orangish yellow


Method of Infusion: Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea,

  1. infuse a heaped teaspoon of the blend
  2. Water should be heated to 95 degree C
  3. Time required is 6 minutes in 250 ml of water


To read more about “Burn the calories”, look into the description page.

  • Infusion Time 5 minutes

  • Quantity

  • Temperature of infusion

  • Time of the day

Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tisane  

Ingredients & their properties

  • Pomegranate flower ~ Metabolism booster and excellent blood purifier.
  • Cinnamon ~ reduces blood pressure & excellent metabolism booster.
  • Ginger ~ Household cure for stomach problems. Improves digestion and absorption. Lowers blood cholesterol and burn calories.
  • Pomelo rind ~ excellent anti bacterial properties helps in keeping ones stomach healthy
  • Black pepper ~ is an excellent natural ingrediant for remedy against inflammation and cold and flu.

Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea

Tisane or Herbal Tea, mean the same product type.  Basically a caffeine free herbal or floral mixture. Anandini Himalaya Tea has put together a 7 variety herbal tea blend category ” caffeine free” herbal teas.

Each of these are with a specific purpose in mind. Because of which, we have  to carefully chosen the appropriate ingredients. Especially, the area where they are grown. Undoubtedly as the place its grown effects the products core value.

Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea. A herbal tea that help boost the metabolism. Hence helping an individual burn their calories. And this is possible because of the following ingredients:

Tasting Note:

Burn the Calories ~ herbal tea has a beautiful orange cup. It has a spicy floral note that awakens ones senses. And it has a spicy sweet taste on the palette.

Method of Infusion: Burn the calories ~ Herbal Tea

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea:

  • Infuse ( Steep) a heaped teaspoon of the Herbal tea blend.
  • Time is 5 to 6 minutes
  • Water is 250 ml, heated to 95 degree C.
  • Strain and sip delight.

* heaped teaspoon as the herbal tea has larger petals, it should be around 2 gm

Ingredient properties:

It increases the metabolism and helps reduce cholesterol. Also very high on antioxidants. Furthermore, it is an excellent treatment for you digestive system. It helps cure dysentery and protects from bad bacterial infections.Pomegranate flower also has properties to cure gum disease and sore throats.

A very well known house hold cure for stomach problems. Undoubtedly cures upset stomach, colic, morning sickness. Ginger tea is also especially used for curing throat infections. Especially it helps burn calories and has cholesterol lowering properties. Due to its numerous properties and health benefits, its was known as ” mahaaushidhi” in Vedic period.

Another traditional medicine used from the Vedic times. Cinnamon is very high on anti-oxidants. Especially known for its ability to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. It is commonly used as a treatment for blood sugar.

A metabolism booster full of properties that help lower cholesterol. Black pepper has properties that help digestion and fight against infection.

Exclusive Tisane/ Herbal Tea we have are:

Rise & Shine – a Yerba mate based herbal tea ( NOT CAFFEINE FREE), with Lemon grass, ginger, licorice and mint.

Rest a While – A rooibos based herbal tea, with chamomile flowers and lavender flowers ( Caffeine free tea)

Find you Passion – Hibiscus flowers with Rose, wild apples, cinnamon, rosehip & Citrus peel herbal tea ( Caffeine free tea)

Seize the Day – Wild apples, raisins, black berries and cranberries herbal tea ( Caffeine free tea)

Awaken your Zen – Rhododendron flowers with chamomile, marigold and cinnamon herbal tea ( Caffeine free tea)

Work it Up – Hibiscus flowers with Orang rind & Mint. ( Caffeine free tea)

To buy simple herbal teas please follow following links:

Other that the herbal teas mentioned below, if you have any specific query, do feel free to write to us.

Chamomile Tea / Chamomile Herbal Tea ( Only chamomile flowers. grown in Uttrakhand)

Lavender Tea / Lavender Herbal Tea ( Only lavender flowers, which comes from the border of Himachal and Kashmir).

Hibiscus tea / Hibiscus Herbal Tea ( Only Hibiscus flowers grown in Uttrakhand ).

Himalayan Tulsi tea/ herbal tea ( Our tulsi is grown at the height of 6200 ft in Uttrakhand)

Mint tisane ( grown in chadhi village, in dharamshala. The height adds excellent flavor).


Weight 35 g

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