French Breakfast Tea


A perfect marriage of great and elegant black teas to produce a rounded taste of malt and chocolate. It is both powerful and refined. A beautiful blend bringing in the best tradition of French tea art.

In a cup, the liquor is golden brown with a rich aroma. In a cup, the taste is deep and malty with chocolaty notes. This is our very best Breakfast Tea.


  • Infusion Time 4-5 min

  • Quantity 2 gms in 120 ml water

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Breakfast / Morning


Preparation: 2 gm in 200 ml water heated to 95’C. Steep time of 4-5 minutes

Tasting Note:

CUP: Deep red

NOSE: chocolate

TASTE: Full bodied, robust with chocolate and malt tones

Weight 30 g

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