Handmade Needle Tea


This single leaf & a bud is hand plucked in the early hours of the morning when the sun peeps through the snow-clad Dhauladhar Mountains. Each leaf is carefully chosen by women &delicately added to bamboo baskets. They are then taken to the factory and hand rolled by women who sing songs of the mountains as they bring in ease to their work. The Tea is sundried and has no contact with any machine. Limited Edition, this handcrafted Tea is sold to the oldest Teahouse of the world, Mariage Freres, Paris. It has a sweet aftertaste and is beautiful yellow in the cup.


  • Infusion Time 5 min

  • Quantity 1.75 gms in 200 ml water

  • Temperature of infusion 70 deg C

  • Time of the day After Dinner

Method of Infusion:

1.75 gm Tea leaves ( Approx 5 Needles) infused in 200 ml filtered, heated water, cooled to 70’C. To be infused for 5 minutes. Strain & sip delight.

Weight 35 g

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