Indian Bouquet



A bouquet of enchantment, of mystical notes, it takes you to the land of colors & textures, people & culture, thoughts & dance.

Rose petals, chamomile, rhododendron, and cornflower are strewn in, to weave with the freshness of lemongrass, leaving a sweet citrusy aroma and soft comforting taste of cardamom that makes you dream. With Happiness infused, this hand plucked black tea is to be sipped with family and friends as you make memories out of moments that you hold close with those you hold close.

Autumn Tea, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Rhododendron, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cornflower, and Cardamom


  • Infusion Time 4 min in 200 ml water

  • Quantity 1 levelled TSP

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Anytime

Builds immunity Rejuvenation

Indian Bouquet is one of Anandini Himalaya Tea festive blends. A unique mix of Autumn Black Tea, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Rhododendron, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cornflower, and Cardamom.

What we can expect is a smooth floral black tea with a hint of spice. Warm and fulfilling.

It is because of its bouquet of flowers, we present all the goodness of the flowers. Calming, full of anti-oxidant, good to de-stress.


Method of Infusion:

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea, infuse a level teaspoon of the blend for 4 minutes in 200 ml of water, heated at 95 degrees C. Strain and sip delight


  • Tea – High on antioxidant properties and polyphenol. Therefore lowers cholesterol & stimulates the immune system.
  • Rose Petals – Soothes the nerves. It cleanses the gallbladder and liver flushing out the toxic matter. Besides that it helps fight infection in the digestive tracts and re-establishes good bacteria.
  • Chamomile – Anti-aging properties. Heals tissues and cells. Helps to ease of stress and tiredness. Besides that it has anti-microbial agent know to boost the immune system. Also high on antioxidant.
  • Rhododendron – Is used extensively in Himalayan traditional medicine for the upkeep of digestive health. Besides that it also works to stimulate appetite and to relieve liver disorders.
  • Cornflower – Rich in vitamin C & folic acid. It contains biotin that helps to strengthen the nails and hair.
  • Lemongrass– Brightens skin and eyes; besides that it works as an antitoxin and anti-depressant. It also contain anti fungal properties.


Indian Bouquet is a unique Black tea with flowers.

While the black tea is from our estate Manjhee Valley. The flowers is grown in the Himalayas. chamomile is grown at 5000 feet in Uttrakhand. And lavender is grown at 6000 feet near Kashmir ladhakh border.

Bringing in the beautiful essence of Himalayan floral tea to you.


Weight 35 g

10 Tea Potlis, 35 g

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