Indian Breakfast Tea


Dark, black, intense.

This black Tea has whiffs as well as taste of seven freshly ground spices sourced from India, which bring out the character & strength in the cup and in the palate. It is a full-bodied, brisk tea

A balanced combination of Assam golden cup with Ginger, Clove, cardamom, Aniseed, cinnamon and black pepper.

An morning tea to awaken ones senses.


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  • Infusion Time 4-5 min

  • Quantity 2 gms in 60 ml water

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Breakfast / Morning

Indian Breakfast Tea ~ Saat Ras Masala Tea

A robust blend of CTC Black Tea with 7 Spices. The Assam golden cup blends beautifully with cinnamon, clove, cardamon, Aniseed, ginger & Black pepper.

A morning tea, set to awaken your senses. Most importantly it provides a robust dosage of metabolic boosters from the spices.

To be had with or without milk. It can be made in the standard Indian way of making tea, where the leaves are boiled with milk and water. Besides that it can also be steeped for 4 to 5 minutes to get a black tea.



Preparation:2 gm of water heated to 95’C. Steep time of 4-5 minutes

Tasting Note:

CUP: Intense amber

NOSE: Spicy and sweet

TASTE: Malty with warmth of spices

Also available in Muslin Tea Bags

Weight 35 g

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