Premium Tea Gift Box Tea Potlis


A collection of 10 varieties of our popular Teas, presented in potlis / pods with each having 2.5 gms of tea. Each potli makes a pot of tea for 2.

Set inside a beautiful white rectangular box with 10 butter paper boxes decorated in gold filigree. We present each tea as an experience unique to itself. A thin booklet describes in few sentences the teas that are in the box. The pages are golden and white, alternatively that sync in with the colors chosen for the gift box.

Teas present in the Box are:

First Flush, Lavender, Lemon Grass
Autumn Tea, Lemon Balm, and Rose Petals
Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi & Pomegranate Flowers
Green Tea, Rosehip, and Chamomile
Green Tea, Mint and Rose Petals
Green Tea, Fire-flame Bush, and Mint
Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi, and Rhododendron
Emerald Spiced
First Flush Premium
Pine Wood Smoked

  • Infusion Time 4 min in 200 ml water

  • Quantity 1 bag

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Anytime

#Boosts Metabolism
#Calming effect
#Builds Immunity
#Assists Weight Loss
#Helps Destress
#Effective in improving Digestion
#Aids to cure Cold & Cough
#Anti-Aging properties

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