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Spring Gift Set


Exquisitely designed Spring Gift box is made up of 3 compartments, holding an excellent array of teas from our collection.

The three compartments hold two drawstrings Muslin Bags containing 10 pieces of Tea potlis/muslin handmade tea bags each. Differentiated by one bag holding Green Tea based teas and the other Black Tea based teas.

And complemented with a Perfect Sand tea timer.

A write-up about our teas on butter paper exquisitely explains the journey of our teas, their source and process enhancing the exclusivity of our Single Estate Himalayan Tea.


1. Tea Potlis 20 pieces ( each potli is 2.5 gms long leaf tea)

10 pcs of 5 varieties of our Green Tea Blends
10 pcs of 5 varieties of our Black Tea Blends

2. Perfect Tea Timer – A metal and glass tea timer.


  • Infusion Time 4 min

  • Quantity 1 bag

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Anytime

#Boosts Metabolism #Calming effect #Builds Immunity #Assists Weight Loss #Helps Destress #Effective in improving Digestion #Aids to cure Cold & Cough #Anti-Aging properties #Feel rejuvenated

Spring Gift Set is a gift to bring in the freshness of spring into ones homes.

It consists of a variety of teas, all in muslin tea potlis, to ease the usage for an individual. Along with a perfect tea timer to keep the steep time.

We normally include the following teas in the 2 sections, but they can be customized. The customized gift has to have a substantial quantity for processing.

In the Spring Gift Set, we offer the following Green Tea and Black Tea variety: 20 potlis

5 varieties X 2 pieces of each. While the other bag has:

5 varieties X 2 pieces of each.

Method of Infusion

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea in a muslin tea bag, place the muslin bag in the teacup/ pot and pour heated water over it. Water to be heated to 95 degrees C. In a cup let it soak for 4 minutes, and in case of a hurry, dip the tea bag a few times to help it infuse faster. Similarly when infused in a teapot. Remove the Muslin Tea bag & sip delight.


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