Sunset Boulevard~ Oolong


Handmade oolong infused with refreshing rose petals, blushing hibiscus with splashes of invigorating sweet lime and sprinkles of cockscomb, leaves a lingering aroma and a sweet tangy after taste.

Rose Petals
Oolong tea
Sweet Lime

  • Infusion Time 5 min

  • Quantity 1 Table spoon 2.5 gms approximately

  • Temperature of infusion 95

  • Time of the day Post Lunch

Sunset Boulevard~ Oolong is a specialty oolong tea from Anandini Himalaya Tea.

Oolong is a semi fermented tea, thus categorizing itself in between Green and Black Tea. Basically because Indian Oolong are higher in the oxidation spectrum than the chinese or tiwanese oolongs.

Full leaf Tea, slightly twisted and with a brownish green appearance, Manjhee Valley T.E ( is the source of our Oolong Tea)

Sunset Boulevard is a blend of flowers which are infused into the Oolong Tea:

  • Rose Petals
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Sweet Lime rind
  • Cockscomb flower

Attributes: Detox tea and De stress tea.

Time: Afternoon & Evening Tea

Method of Infusion:

Heat water to 95′ C

Use table spoon ~ as the leaves are large, it would be approximately 2.5 gms of tea

Let the leaf sit for 5 minutes in the hot water.

Strain and it is ready to drink

Oolong Tea ~ Produced in Himachal Pradesh, Manjhee Valley T.E.

Hibiscus Flower ~ Grown in  Dharamsala, Himachal at a height of 3500 ft.

Cockscomb flower ~ grown in Kashmir, Srinagar valley

Sweet lime ~ grown in the North East, Darjeeling hills at 4000 feet.


Weight 35 g

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