• Infusion Time

  • Quantity 16 pieces

  • Temperature of infusion 95 deg C

  • Time of the day Anytime

Presenting variety of teas in Tea Potli Wooden Gift Box.

An exclusive mix of leaf teas in muslin potlis presented in a wooden box with acrylic see through top. Showcased in individual set. A box of variety to explore types of teas with various benefits. From Destress teas to Detox teas. Metabolism booster to Calming Teas.

The box holds 16 pieces of handmade muslin tea bags, each potli is a new variety. A mixture of pure teas as well as herbal teas.

Teas we present are:

  1. Classic Green Tea
  2. Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi & Pomegranate flowers
  3. Green Tea, Himalayan Tulsi & Rhododendron Flowers
  4. Green Tea, Rose Petals & Mint
  5. Green Tea, Rosehip & Chamomile
  6. First Flush_Orange Pekeo
  7. English Breakfast
  8. Earl Grey
  9. First Flush, Lavender & Lemon Grass
  10. Autumn Tea, Lemon balm & Rose petals
  11. Pinewood Smoked
  12. Firdaus
  13. Indian Bouquet
  14. Emerald Spiced
  15. Saat Ras Masala
  16. Christmas Tea

All teas are from our own estate Manjhee Valley Tea Estate situated in Himachal Pradesh India. The Herbal and floral ingredients are grown by us, or grown for us by small farming communities of Hill tribes in Lower Himalayan range from Kashmir to Uttrakhand.


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