Green Tea, Chamomile, Rose-hip

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The Green Tea infusion has a sweet honey note, which is refreshing and mild. The ensemble lingers on the palate leaving a back note of comfort. The smoothness of the Chamomile along with the slightly tangy bits of Rosehip, creates a sip of dreams. Amalgamated into green tea, it leaves you with a sense of calm.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Chamomile Flowers and Rose hip

Tea Time: After Dinner Tea

Method of Infusion:

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea, infuse a Heaped Teaspoon of the Blend for 4 minutes in 200 ml of water, heated at 95 degree C. Strain and Sip Delight


  • Tea – High on antioxidant properties and polyphenol; Lowers cholesterol & stimulates immune system.
  • Chamomile – Anti aging properties, heals tissues and cells; helps to ease of stress and tiredness; has anti-microbial agent know to boost immune system; & also high on anti-oxidant.
  • Rose Hip - contains 50% more Vitamin C than oranges and blueberries; has high level of antioxidant flavonoids, which are known for their anti-viral, anti inflammatory and anti- allergenic properties. Heals tissues and cells.

 Note: Green tea & black tea are from the same plant as (Camellia sinensis.) as all other teas. Green tea goes through the least bit of processing and is not fermented. It does not go through any oxidation. They are plucked, steamed or pan fried and sorted.

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