Premium Tea Gift Box

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Premium Teas Gift Box

In a box we present to the exquisite taste of the finest teas from Anandini Himalaya Tea. An amalgamation of 6 glass tubes delicately placed in a box covered with butter paper inscrolled with gold filigree work.

Teas that we present are:

  1. Moonlight Saga

Delicate handmade white tea. It is unique in harmony and balance with highest content of antioxidant level, making it the most rare and delicate of teas.

  1. Imperial Gunpowder

The top grade of tender young leaves are gently hand rolled into loosed pellets that have flavourful light yellow liquor with an exceptional fresh aroma of Jasmine flowers and is brisk to taste with an after note of sweetness.

  1. Indian Bouquet

Green Tea with Rose petals, chamomile, rhododendron and cornflower are strewn in, to weave with freshness of lemon grass, leaving a sweet citrusy aroma and soft comforting taste.

  1. Green Tea, Chamomile and Rose hip

The Green Tea infusion has a sweet honey note, which is refreshing and mild. The  smoothness of the Chamomile along with the slightly tangy bits of Rose hip, create a sip of dreams. Amalgamated into green tea, it leaves you with a sense of calm.

  1. Green Tea, Pomogranate Flowers and Himalayan Tulsi

The red pomegranate petals charms its way into the Green Tea liquor with the intense, strong earthy Himalayan Tulsi. It increases healthy metabolism along with the antioxidant potency, which is more then two, or three times of red wine.

  1. Pinewood Smoked

Breathing in forest flute with raptures strong black tea infused with the smoke of the mountains, the pinewood. With a sip that is intense and strong, the after taste is surprisingly sweet. Expect to walk hand in hand with memories of bonfire, Christmas, friends and laughter. 



6 Glass tubes with Cork Stoppers



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