Proper Storage of Tea

Proper Storage of Tea

It is very important that proper storage of tea is done. Tea which isn’t properly stored will go stale losing its flavor. And turn rancid much faster. Or accumulate impurities that can both alter the flavor and aroma.

Hence it is very important to properly store your tea. So that it can remain fresh, clean and flavorful longer.

Why does tea deteriorate/ spoil?

If tea, (any tea) isn’t properly stored, tea goes through a deterioration. It will firstly loose flavor as well as in many cases develop a flavor of the nearest smell.

Tea being an excellent receiver of flavor, only has to be kept open near any strong smelling item to receive its smell. Hence it should always be kept away from strong flavors. (like essential oils, flavor oils for baking, masala/ spices etc.)

Temperature too effects the tea. High temperature, humidity and sunlight will all result in accelerated transformation of the tea leaves.

Especially delicate teas like white tea, delicate green teas and spring first flush teas are very susceptible to flavor change due to the above.

The main factor for deterioration of teas is:

  1. Humidity
  2. Odor pollution
  3. Temperature
  4. Sunlight
  5. Moisture content


How to store different teas:

Green teas ~ compared to other teas  are very susceptible to flavor change. Due to their non oxidized nature, they are delicate.

It is important to keep the tea in a air tight container ( not a vaccum container). But a container that doesn’t allow free flow of air when shut. It is also important that no item with a strong smell is kept near the tea container.

For Proper Storage of Tea

Best container: metal can or aluminum foil bag with a Ziploc.

Shelf life: 18 months


Oolong teas ~ these teas below  to semi fermented tea, between black and green tea. Tin can, porcelain jar are perfect to store Oolong tea. As our oolong ( long leaf semi twisted tea) is tea which is over roasted. It susubtility to deteriorate is lower than some of the Chinese and tiwanese oolong/ wu long teas.

For Proper Storage of Tea

Best Container: metal can or porcelain jar.

Shelf Life: 12 months


Black Tea ~ It has the lowest water content and the main reason it goes bad is the moisture in the environment ( especially if you are staying in a tropical country). It is easily dampened and looses flavor.

Black tea should be kept in an air tight container, away from high temperature and sunlight.

For Proper Storage of Tea

Best container: metal can

Shelf life: 18 months


White tea/ Handmade flowery Green ~ are extremely light fermented teas. Because of which moisture retention, dryness and seal should be paid attention to. The longer the white tea is stored, the deeper the color of the cup and dry leaf. And with it comes the mellowness.

Because of which it is important that white tea pack isn’t opened till expected to consume.

Best container: Tin can, porcelain jar, Colored glass bottle or aluminum Ziploc bag

Shelf life: The older the better ( but sealed tea)


Herbal Tea/ Tisane ~ should be placed in cool, dry place. With no direct sunlight. Because sunlight generates heat, attracting moisture, which spoils the teas.

A sealed can is the best preservation, as opening of the container will result in flavor loss.

For Proper Storage of Tea

Best container: sealed can, Ziploc pouch

Shelf life: 18 months


Not recommended tea storage containers:

  • Plastic bags
    • It produces odor and heat transfer is easy which may result in oxidization.
  • Transparent glass jar
    • Because the light will oxidize the teas, weakening the aroma.
  • Paper bag
    • It is likely to absorb the aroma of the tea and transfer it with the smell of paper.