Tea Chronicles: Why sip Tea in a glass?

Tea Chronicles: Why sip Tea in a glass?

March 9, 2018 Tea Chronicles 0

I am often asked this question, “why do you like tea to be served in a glass rather than a cup that is made of fancy porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or plastic.” (oh Lord, the last is a big no no).

Well when a plate of food is served in front of you, tell me, don’t your eyes eat before your palate even tastes. In a similar manner, when a glass of tea is placed or infused in front of you, you sip with your eyes before you can even taste the tea. You absorb the yellow sunshine in a cup, you see the crystal clear liquid, you then smell the aroma, breathe in deep and then take a sip. Invariably one wraps ones fingers around the glass and fades away from the rut of life into that of peace and tranquility.

And that is precisely the reason i love my tea in a glass. Try having yours the next time you opt for this magical brew.


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