Tea Trails

Tea Trails

From farm to cup .. The journey, the experience,


The ability to understand the hard work and passion that goes to making that cup of tea which in India is the lifeline of many, we the tea sommeliers would like to introduce our world of tea to you.
We would like to take people back to where it is grown, the source and connect them with the energies, the history, the culture of Dharamsala and return to their homes, rejuvenated.

The 3 nights and 4 days tea trail starts in Dharamshala and will be an experience of the tea, the place, the people, the food and the culture. The guests will stay in places we connect with which are known for their personal touch. From the breakfast at the estate, we would like to introduce to them the art of plucking tea leaves and creating their batch of teas. There will be a trip to the factory to understand the finer nuances of manufacturing and tea tasting. Amidst all of this, we will bring together the Tibetan and Himachali influence and create an evening of a bonfire, local songs, and local food.

We will head to take part in thangka workshop, which is the Tibetan Buddhist painting done on cotton or silk. On the last night, a beautiful tea and food pairing dinner will be organised at the homestay to bring an end to the tea trail, as guests start their journey back home the next day.


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